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Laboratory of Love

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About training

Laboratory of Love

Love knows no borders. How to make your multicultural relationship stronger?


This workshop is an offer for those of you who live in multicultural relationships and face the challenges related to communication in different cultural codes and languages.

Why You?

You two are in love. Maybe you met travelling, working in a big international company or studying abroad. And everything would be as in every love story, but wait – you come from two different countries and you don’t speak the same language. Many people can say, that love is an universal thing and nothing except feeling would matter. You on the other hand, deal with this small issues, daily speaking in your second language and you know that this puzzle is not that easy. But don’t you worry – no love is easy, but yes, you as a couple are facing some specific challenges this workshop will help you to deal with them. In this workshop you will gain the research based knowledge about multicultural relationships and their specific challenges. And what is even more important through inspiring exercises you will understand yourself much better. Finally, you will learn how to apply this knowledge and become a Master of relationship, which will result in fulfilling and beautiful relationships in your life.



Program of the Workshop

Love - idea, chemistry or decision

  • Fairytales of love.
  • „Does „I love you”, „Kocham Cię”, „Seni seviyorum”, ”Je t’aime”, „Te quiero” mean exactly the same thing? 

The codes of love

  • Do we choose who we fall in love with?
  • Algorithm of love? Do we use some codes in our relationships?
  • Wiring with the partner for love. How understanding others’ codes can help us to connect.

Learning the new language

  • Language of love
  • Caught in the gap. How to deal with miscommunication.
  • Quarrels for love.


Participants will receive the practical Handouts covering the topics from the workshop and including additional materials.


Workshop is planned for one day, starting from 9 am and finishing at 5 pm.    9 hours/1 day



The workshop is conducted by PhD Olga Kamińska, psychologist, pedagogue, social and cultural animator, a student of sexology. She accomplished a workshop for trainers for couples in Gottman Institute, one of the most influential research centers   examining romantic relationships. During her studies she conducted internships in many prestigious Universities such as University of Gottingen (Germany), University of Charleston (USA) and University of New South Wales in Sydney (Australia). In her work she combines results of scientific research with practical work. She has a broad experience in conducting classes and workshops in such areas as Love and Close Relationships, self development, change processes and work life balance. 


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Price: 430 PLN (-10% for SWPS students)

Account number:
SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities
03-815 Warsaw, Chodakowska street 19/31
Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA
36 1750 0009 0000 0000 1095 1135

Title: name and surname, title of training

Maximum amount of participants: 10 participants




Press „Aplikuj teraz" and give us your contact number and e-mail